Collector for iPhone not showing layers

10-22-2014 11:11 AM
New Contributor

I have a point database in an ArcGIS Online map that is shared with my organization. I can edit the points with my Android device and my iPad using the Collector app, but one of my co-workers cannot. He is using an iPhone 4s and has access to the same map, but when he opens the map on his phone with the Collector app, none of the layers show up and he is not able to edit the point database (there is no "+" button). I first thought this problem had to do with the permissions he had, (he is granted "User" permissions in our organization) but I tested it out with another co-worker using a 4s with "User" permissions and she was able to see and edit the points. I tried re-publishing the service and creating a whole new map for him to access and he still is unable to see any layers on his phone. Has anyone ever experienced an issue similar to this?

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