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Collector App - manual entry vs GPS entry

09-09-2015 01:44 AM
New Contributor

Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere but does anyone know if it is possible to derive data from a layer gathered in collector app to show whether that point was gathered using the GPS location or whether it was added manually ? The application I am thinking of it to prove that a site team were in an area rather than just panning across the map while having a coffee and adding in points manually. I was wondering if there was a hidden attribute or simply something that I'm missing.

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I haven't seen anything specific but if you have suspicions you could check the creation date fields. Check if they are realistic timeframes if they have to travel between points.

This other unanswered recent thread was talking about disabling manual entry.  I've never looked at this as I need manual entry sometimes.  Such as if someone can see a point to log but can't physically get there due to a water body or security fence etc.

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