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Collector app 18.0.1 sync error

04-11-2018 03:24 AM
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Getting a sync error on version 18.0.1 Android Collector. App crashes. Fix is to unattach base map then reattach. Then app will edit and sync again. Please investigate and remedy.

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Can you describe your environment (ArcGIS Online/ArcGIS Enterprise, hosted feature service or ArcGIS Server feature service, basemap, the security)?

Does the sync error provide more details?

What do you mean "unattach basemap then reattach"? Do you use basemap tool to switch basmap or something else?


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Hello Miaogeng

We have an enterprise account ACTGOV in Australia.

Collector app is used on device or offline. That means we attach a tiled

base map to the feature layer. Then edits have to be synced to ArcGIS


The fix to this bug (Collector on device map crashes when sync attempted)

is to select manage - remove features only. This unattaches the base map

from the map concerned. Then you select download and choose the base map -

and then select download again to reattach the base map. Then sync of new

edits will work.

The bug was introduced by the update to Android Collector app version

18.0.1. So the developers will have an understanding of why this has



Steve Taylor

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Thanks for explanation. Here is my understanding of your environment. Correct me if I am wrong.  

- Use ArcGIS Online environment with ACTGOV enterprise account

- Use ArcGIS Online hosted feature service

I have additional questions:

1) Is tiled basemap hosted in ArcGIS online or other place? 

2) Do you remember the elapsed time between downloaded and sync error happening? 

3) If you sign out the account and sign in again, does it fix the sync issue?



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Yes Miaogeng we

Use ArcGIS Online environment with ACTGOV enterprise account

Use ArcGIS Online hosted feature service

Answers to other questions:

1) Our base map is not the issue. It gets attached to maps that can be

taken off-line or on-device. The bug has only occurred after the recent

update by esri developer of Collector app to Android version 18.0.1.

2) App crash occurred after update.

3) Fix is as follows:

Select manage - remove feature layers only - download - select base map -

download - see this video of the procedure:

I am advising staff and contractors not to update to 18.0.1 until bug can

be resolved. As issue does not occur with previous version of Collector app.

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Same issue here and with the same configuration mentioned by O.P:

- Use ArcGIS Online environment with enterprise account

- Use ArcGIS Online hosted feature service

Additionally, when a map is successfully opened on the android device (not in offline mode), unable to collect features, ie, no "+" symbol appears to begin the collection process.

Both hosted feature layers appear in the layer list but cannot be turned on.

All feature services in use work perfectly on all other devices, iOS, desktop etc.

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I am just wondering whether this bug has been solved in the meantime. I am asking because I am experiencing an issue with synchronizing certain JPG attachments that looks a bit like this one.



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