Change selection color and size (halo) in Collector and ArcGIS Online

03-20-2015 05:48 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

When clicking on an asset in the Collector for ArcGIS app on the iPad, it currently provides a blue/turqouise halo around the selection.  Provide a way to change the selection color and size in Collector and ArcGIS Online.

This function is available in ArcMap (Selection > Selection Options > Selection tool settings). 

For the Android app also.
Heck yeah! It can be very difficult to see the selected feature, especially since collector is often used outdoors in sunlight.
definitely a must have in collector. we have customers  not so good with colors, need to be able to change the selection color to whatever color they can actually see in the collector app on their phones out in sunlight.
Please add this.  We have a collector user out in the field who is color challenged and has a difficult time seeing the selection.  We need to be able to make it darker and in their acceptable spectrum range.
Please add this. Our business clients are in need of color changes while using app out in the field. Thank you
Current color is difficult to see in bright sunlight when collecting. Ability to change the color would be awesome!
Current halo is difficult to see when outdoors.  Please allow more options for the halo.
A must have I think, iOS Collector please
It would be good if the selection colour was editable in all ArcGIS Online apps. The solid orange selection colour used for web app builder distorts the colour of the polygons below,
I second this emotion.

It would be great if feature services consumed by Collector respected the Selection properties (color/symbol) established in the mxd that published them.