Sidewalks graphic trouble : Texture and mesh ?

09-29-2014 07:36 AM
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@First of all I should mention that I am newbie on this forum, so sorry if this was already discussed in another post.
(I work on CityEngine 2014.0 version):

> I noticed this 2 problems for me (visible in the viewport and still when you export the geometry):
  1. the sidewalks sides UV textures are like Non-unfold and it may be a problem when your have a very big city!>
  2. Why does the sidewalks geometry has all this useless faces  (it is visible in the " Inspect Model view" and when you export the geometry to) even between two sections of sidewalk there's useless faces.


Is there a way to overcome this? (for example creating his own sidewalk model) ?


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