OS MasterMap Topological data into CityEngine

09-04-2019 11:40 AM
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Hello please can anyone tell me whether it's possible to import OS MasterMap topological data (in particular building footprints and building height attributes) into CityEngine from ArcGIS via the UK Data Loader, with the aim of extruding the buildings to the correct heights?

Many thanks

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Hi Andrew

So far I didnt have the chance to work with this data. According to how do i use the mm data  it is available as fgdb. Can you confirm this? Fgdb can be imported directly into CE. 



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Hi Andrew, I'm not familiar with the UK Data Loader but if it brings the OS data into a FGDB as feature classes and I presume these will be polygons with attribution then it should be very easy to import into CityEngine.  Often OS height data is supplied separately as some a table so you may have to join by toid to buildings before importing into CityEngine.   Once imported into a CityEngine scene it's relatively easy to write a rule to extrude by height.  The trick is to avoid very tall shed and garage polygons  

Feel free to reach out to me, if you need more guidance, I work with OS MasterMap data a lot.



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