Instructions when updating from CE2012 3ws to CE2013 3ws

12-16-2013 02:50 AM
Esri Contributor
Follow these instructions in case you plan to update 3ws items on ArcGIS online.


  • ArcGIS Online item that contains a 3ws, created with CE 2012

  • update item with a new 3ws, created with CE 2013 (based off the same CityEngine scene)

Steps required:

  1. open the existing 3ws with CityEngine Web Viewer on ArcGIS Online

  2. ensure you are signed in as the item owner, or sign in within the application

  3. reload the application, and look into Info pane -> Loading details...

  4. verify the entry 3ws1_DisplayOffset : appears in this list

  5. -> Item is ready to be updated with CE 2013 version of 3ws.

For old 3ws, CityEngine Web Viewer requires internal displayOffset to correctly place GeoComments.
If displayOffset is not present or incorrect, GeoComments might be placed incorrect.
The steps above store the old displayOffset on the ArcGIS Online item, and therefore ensures GeoComments created on an old 3ws transferred correctly to a new 3ws.
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