Import OSM - layer per layer

01-30-2012 06:13 PM
New Contributor
I'd like to import my OSM layer by layer. Doing this by hand is tedious to say the least! Is there a way to do it via python? OSMImportSettings don't seem to actually contain anything!
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Esri Contributor
There are currently no ways to control what layers to import using python.

The only (not so elegant) way I see atm to do that would be to:

for all layers to be imported:
  import osm
  delete unwanted objects


as an alternative: probably there are ways to export OSM data by layer? I am not fully familiar with the functionality of the OSM api, but I think such a thing is possible. Not via the gui export, but using direct calls to the osm db (URL calls, or via one of the osm apis)


another alternative: preprocess your osm file with python, or another xml parser, and create different files with only the desired objects in.
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