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03-14-2019 01:42 AM
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Hi All,

After searching in forum I found that we can change the GPU usage of cityengine. In .ini file I have changed the -Xmx from 4G to 10G. 

I can see in the status that GPU value got changed but when I check in my performance status from task Manager it shows only 4Gb of Dedicated GPU is being used.

The other 16Gb of shared GPU is not being utilized.

Screenshot from cityengine status line

Screenshot from Task manager

Can any one suggest what changes I have to do to get city engine use the shared GPU.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Abhishek,

the -Xmx switch controls how much main memory is reserved for the CityEngine UI (the rest will be used by the generated models and batch export). This switch has nothing to do with the GPU.

Your operating system and/or GPU vendor should provide tools to control how the GPU uses memory.

Hope this helps,


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