Get multiple models pivots from one shape

04-02-2014 07:49 AM
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Hi there!

I'm new in CityEngine and just learning stuff. My goal is to write python script which will export positions of various objects (houses, lamps, trees and so on) to our engine (Unigine) so we'll be able to place cool art to that positions.

We have kind of a city with standart layout (streets and lots) and a simple set of rules. Each lot can contain a house with some fences, trees and bunch of other objects. It seems that from python scripts I can get only shape centroid and nothing more. I know we can add custom attributes and that will work for houses, but not for trees as we can't know how much of them will be in that lot.

Here is the picture of one lot with some placeholder art (house, ground and fence):


So is there a way to get models position that were generated in one shape? Can I traverse whole shape hierarchy or so? Maybe I'm missing something. Please help me! 🙂

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