Get map data => search not working anymore, no reason

10-12-2020 07:51 AM
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Since a few time , the function search in get map data doesn't work..

It doesn't work on multiple computer ( Mac and PC ) and different version..

So I imagine its a problem from esri side...

Anyone have an idea ?

Thank you.

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by Anonymous User
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I can confirm that the search is not working.  But the get map data process does work.  

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Esri Regular Contributor

I can confirm that there has been a change on the server-side, that prevents the get map data search to receive results. The necessary changes were made for the upcoming CityEngine 2020.1 version. Please excuse the inconvenience.

by Anonymous User
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New version!   Can't wait to see what new features it might have.   I still have not tried using the array features of the last update but I think that will be a great feature once I put it to use.

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