Free Trial Version vs Full License Version

05-13-2012 02:24 PM
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Hello guys. I'm new here, but i've downloaded CityEngine for Mac Trial Version.

Apparently it seems that this trial version i use is very limited, i can't do almost anything that i see on videos (videos that show people working with cityengine).
Is it true that the trial version is very limited or is it just me that don't know how to use the software very well?

Could you make a list of what is available on the License Full Version that isn't on the Trial Version?


(Sorry for my english)

PS: How much does it cost the Full Version? i don't see price anywhere
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Hi !

The TRIAL is the FULL product except that the exporter is disabled.

Cheers !

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Hi Matthias,
A quick question to follow this one....

I created some rules and a test scene with the full licensed version (64 bit), but have opened that scene in a trial version (32 bit). Everything seems to be working except that I can't get any colors to display. All models are basic white, and even the ability to turn on shadows is grayed out in the drop-down menu.

Is this a version problem, or am I missing something far simpler?

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Hi Daniel,

Can it be that you have your PMs deactivated ? I tried sending you one, then got an error.

Let me know, otherwise, I'll try to help here.

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