Damaged Buildings, Razed Cities

04-16-2012 11:24 PM
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I just started to use City Engine and I'm wondering if it's possible to build a city with damaged buildings or build a completely razed city. I saw some videos on net done with City Engine but I have no idead how they made it.

Is it possible ? Can someone direct me to right way ?
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hi !

yes, this is possible :

some options :

1] have a look at the Downtown Damage Example which you can download from within CityEngine ( Help -> Download Tutorials and Examples )

2] have a look at this thread of the archived CityEngine forum : http://forums.esri.com/CityEngine/forum-17845.html
[ Only a very simple example of a procedural approach. by far not finished or optimized ! ]

3] try writing the rules so they create 'simulatable' geometries (mathematically watertight) and simulate them with an external tool, using e.g. the BULLET Physics Solver.

Here's a a test I did quite some time ago within RealFlow ( Geometries created procedurally in CityEngine ! ) :


let me know if you have more questions ! 🙂
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