Apply texture when facades (front, side) are more than one?

09-18-2015 11:29 AM
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Hello everyone,

I'm new to CE, I'm starting my first project and I have a question; I'm creating a simple rule to put texture to facades, using the comp function and the fileRandom to select textures for each simple building, but I can't find a way to put textures or to separate facades when are in the same side (pictures), the picture is repeated and fitted in the area of the face

I'm using the construction border polygon

Is there a way to separate this facades to apply different textures, or a way to "unite" them as one facade?


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First, what you can't do: You can't join faces together once they are apart.

Now what you can do.

1. The faces where your textures are compressing - don't use (or .sy) to size the image to the face, but instead figure out a sideways length that works for that image on any face. For faces that are too small, it will only show a portion of the image, but it will not look compressed. There is also an offset in the setupProjection operation that you could use to center the image or align it left or right. This might take some experimentation.

2. Try the imageInfo command to read the pixel sizes of the images to get a ratio of height to width, that can help with sizing of different images.

3. Also, read about setupProjection - there is UV and also W. I think W can wrap textures around corners somehow, but I've never tried it.

4. Also, read how comp(f) can use either colon(:) or equals(=) operators. Colon means split all faces apart. Equals means leave all shape as one multi-face shape. The equals sign is not used this way a lot, but in some cases is very useful.

Example: You have a cube or extruded polygon.

comp(f) {top : Roof | side = AllSidesInOneShapeOhYeah}


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Thanks for the reply, exactly what I needed

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