Rule of the Week: Legends 2020.0

12-01-2020 06:05 AM
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Rule of the Week: Legends 2020.0

This rule creates a legend with symbols and labels.  The labels are text, and the symbols can be colors, textures, and/or 3D assets.  By default, the symbol shape has the same form as the initial shape onto which the rule is applied.  For example, apply the rule to a square to get a legend containing colored squares with text labels in the xz plane.  This rule can also be imported so that the legend data can be set by another rule.  This project contains examples of legends created from space usage data read from a csv file, legends for energy class colors created with an imported asset, legends created out of all textures in a folder, and color ramps.


This video gives a brief introduction to the rule:


You can find the CGA rule files here:

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