Store and Open PDFs in ESRI App Studio

02-03-2020 06:00 AM
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Is it possible to open local PDFs from within ESRI's AppStudio? I can easily open pdfs and files from web links with "Qt.openUrlExternally('http..." but I need this app to work completely offline.

I've tried the approaches here with no luck: Files and folders

Ultimately, I would want the AppStudio app to appear in the files app, so I could drop new or existing pdfs there via ITunes. Is there a trick to getting the app to appear here, then how would I read/open files from that location?

Maybe there is a better approach?


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Have you tried the Document Dialog from AppStudio AppFramework? DocumentDialog QML Type | ArcGIS 

There's a sample available in both AppStudio Desktop and AppStudio Player for this, and we also implemented this on our Quick Report template, give it a try. 


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I did try that.  It will browse virtual directories of Apps in the "Files" app, but my app does not appear there, so it does me no good.  Collector, Explorer, and Navigator (other ESRI apps) do appear there though.

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