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02-01-2021 06:12 AM
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Is there a way to implement mobile deep linking for an app in Appstudio? I need a similar function for my app as "mailto://", only that this link then opens my app and the information is available in the app. For example, if the link myapp://api-key is clicked in a mail, my app should open and the api-key should be available.

With the new function to link with other apps, I think the information in the link is not available.

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We apologize that it is not clear in that documentation link about where to put the deep link for your custom app. 

You can put in Settings>Advanced>Environment>URL Scheme, once it is set (and the app is re-uploaded, and do Cloud Make and installed), your app will open when called using that URL Scheme. 

And then in your app, you can add the onOpenURL signal to handle the parameter that is passed, 


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