I can't get into my story map

04-17-2016 12:57 AM
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I have created an app in the appstudio and downloaded it to the app player of my two tablets but I can only see the start page of the app. There is no start button on the start page and I can't access the map tour of my story map which I have created. What could I have done wrong when I designed the app in the app studio? Thanks for your support!

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If you are using the website, the start button can be configured here:


You can also edit the start button is set using the Settings Tool in AppStudio for Desktop:


Please make sure that the image you intend to use is present in the project folder for your Map Tour and that you are using the path to the image in the project folder.

If you did not edit the start button, the default may still be present, but not visible against your start screen background.

I hope you get this working


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Thanks Hannah for your support. I just found out that the start button follows the title and the summary on the image. If this text is too long the start button can move too far down until it's not visible anymore.

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