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How to Refresh AppStudio App?

10-13-2016 08:17 AM
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I created a Quick Report app using the App Studio Basic license and recently acquired the Standard license to extend the app. I have shared the app with a few testers within the AppStudio environment (they download app studio and access the app that way on their mobile phones).  

The issue I'm having is that when I edit the app, the app on our phones, does not update. The issue happens whether I use AppStudio online or edit the code in Qt Creator, but most importantly I would like to be able to update the code and have it refresh. The app does not refresh even if I re-download the app within the AppStudio mobile app or uninstall and reinstall the AppStudio app.

The app in My Content in ArcGIS Online has a July update date, so does the app when I log into But on AppStudio Desktop Edition, it has the correct October update date.

Is there a way to refresh the app on my phone? Or do I have to create a whole new app and have everyone download the new app for every little update, like a change in the description or color of text?

AppStudio Version 1.1.17 

License Level Standard

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Here are some more of my troubleshooting steps:

  1. Created a new app from original. Named it TEST. Tried to update the title, it would not update.
  2. Tried to delete TEST app within Upload window. Spinned for 5 minutes. Would not delete.
  3. Tried to delete TEST app within main AppStudio window by right clicking. Now it is greyed out and I can't get to it's settings or delete it by right clicking. 
  4. Created a new app from a sample app “user credentials” and changed some text instead of the title. This time was able to update.
  5. Created new app from original with the title I want. This time instead of editing the title within the appinfo.json file, I edited the ResultsPage.qml file. This did work.
  6. Edited the Summary through the settings button in AppStudio Desktop. This worked.
  7. Edited the Summary aka “snippet” in the appinfo.json file. This worked.
  8. Changed title through the settings button in AppStudio Desktop. This worked.

I don’t understand why I was not able to update TEST app but I was able to update the second one I created from the original. I guess my workaround will be to have my testers download a new app and hope this doesn’t happen again.

Thank you for your help Nakul. Even if I didn't get it fixed at least I learned about updating apps.

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