GeoEvent Server Global Settings: SMS [Text Messaging] Providers

Blog Post created by eironside-esristaff Employee on Apr 3, 2019

GeoEvent Server 'Global Settings' provide a way in GeoEvent Server to review and modify global configuration settings. These property settings apply to the entire GeoEvent Server configuration, and may be used as defaults in various places. For example, when a GeoEvent Connector needs to define SMTP settings for sending an email, it will start with the global system setting values, then allow you to modify those settings for the specific component you are creating.


SMS Settings

  • Carriers
    • You can add additional carriers by entering a Key / Value pair and pressing the 'Add' button.
      • Key is case-sensitive and can contain upper/lower case letters, numbers, some special characters, and spaces.
      • Keys should be unique, so be sure you enter a different key for each character.
      • The value is a bridge address (see below) that should start with the '@' character and should conform to email address specifications.
    • Each carrier has a bridge address (starting with the '@' symbol) that the message is sent to.
      • This address is appended to each recipient's phone number and the SMTP server sends an email to that carrier's email bridge.
      • The carrier's bridge then delivers the message to the recipient as a text message.
      • By default the following carriers are provided

        AT&T (@txt.att.net)
        Altel (@message.alltel.com)
        Boost Mobile (@myboostmobile.com)
        Metro PCS (@mymetropcs.com)
        Nextel (@messaging.nextel.com)
        Powertel (@ptel.com)
        Qwest (@qwestmp.com)
        Sprint (@messaging.sprintpcs.com)
        Sprint PCS (@messaging.sprintpcs.com)
        Suncom (@tms.suncom.com)
        T-Mobile (@tmomail.net)
        US Cellular (@email.uscc.net)
        Verizon (@vtext.com)
        Virgin Mobile USA (@vmobl.com)


More information on Gobal Properties may be found here: