Point Tools for Pro

Blog Post created by danretired on May 14, 2020

Reincarnation as myself since being "retired" from my organization.  Published earlier, but with updates.


Download the zip.  Unzip into a folder.  Load the toolbox.


  • Options to move/translate/shift points to a new location using delta X and Y values
  • Rotate points as a whole about their centroid.
  • Sort points by coordinate options
  • Radial sort (aka, angle about the point centroid)



  • Closest/near analysis
    • between layers
    • within layers
    • with a table
  • Concave and convex hulls. Yes, available without an Advanced license
  • Spanning tree.... connect points by polylines, representing the shortest path to connect them all.  Everyone loves a tree
  • Standard Distance, similar to standard deviational ellipse, except for the circle
  • Triangulation tools.  Voronoi, Delaunay space delineation.  No 3D analyst?  No problem, you can do it now.



  • Circle points.  Because you can.
  • Mesh points.  Nothing like points in a rectilinear pattern
  • Spaced Points.  Got to keep your distance?  Space points so that no point is closer than a certain value.