Excel like Attribute Table editing and selection

Idea created by duri on Feb 7, 2011
    Ideas inspired by Excel UI useful for effective work and flexible data manipulation in Attribute Table window:
    • Copy data attributes from selected fields, records or cells easily and Paste them freely to another location in same or different Attribute Table (only copy record possible, no paste).
    • Move or Copy selected attribute values in fields, records or cells by mouse Drag and Drop to other location in the same or different Attribute Table, same or other ArcGIS instance or another application (like Excel, Word).
    • Populate or clear multiple fields, records or cells selected with one keyboard entry at once (no need to use Field Calculator).
    • Improve multiple fields handling: reorder multiple fields, hide/unhide multiple fields, etc.
    • On mouse hover automatically highlight corresponding column and row for better visual orientation.
    • Multiple Cell Selection – select block of cells anywhere in a database with the possibility to cut/copy/paste/move/delete selected block of data, easy populate cells with mouse stroke.
    • Automatically display SUM, Average, etc. values of selected numerical attributes.
    • Provide Start/Stop Editing button on Table window toolbar.
    • Mouse shortcut on cell/record/field to quickly start an Edit Session.
    • Visible and clear indication of ongoing Edit Session in Table window tabs (differentiate edited/non-edited tables with color or font) and inside edited Attribute Tables (small pencil is easily overlooked).
    • Missing text cursor in cell while editing.
    • Enhance field and record selection display – add or subtract selection color in cells where Row Selection and Column Selection intersect. Use color add/subtract also when Field Highlight and Field Selection overlap to see both.
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