Geostamp and Compass for Collector

Idea created by starbuck23 on Mar 15, 2016
    When taking pictures with the Collector App I would like the option to apply a GeoStamp to the image. I would like to be able to see the Date and time the image was taken, along with the lat,long, elevation and direction inwich the picture was taken. I would like this information displayed and saved on the image its self. This would save having to use other software to either map the picture or pull out the EXIF data. This way an individual can send off the picture in a text message with all the location information needed right there on the picture.
      When in picture mode it would be nice to see a compass, this would allow individuals to know what direction they are facing when they are taking a picture. I have to take pictures form all four cardinal directions. I close the Collector app, open my compass to see where i am facing and then go back into Collector. It would also be nice to have a compass with in the main body of the app (in an open map). Its helpful that the blue dot will turn into an arrow once you start to move to show what direction you are going, but an individual still might not know if they are heading North, or South. Having a compass with in the main body of the app (opened map) will add greater navigational powers to the app.