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GIS for Hydrographic Surveying

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Hello,   I would like to express a question about the Basin tool, from the Hydrology of Spatial Analyst tools. I use the Flow Direction raster in order to create the Basins of an area. I can' t understad what the values of the raster that is created with the tool basin represent. The values that i get are 1 (the lowest) to 4665 (the highest). Any… (Show more)
I was trying out the procedure to delineate watershed using series of geoprocessing tools in ArcMap 10.5.1. Everything seems to go exceedingly well that I was a little afraid of the degree of hitch that will pop up. Et voila! This (please refer to the screenshot attached below).    I tried generating a raster delineating all drainage basins using… (Show more)
Hydrographic offices all around the world face many challenges today.   One such challenge is the need to support the production of S-101 datasets.  S-101 datasets are the next generation of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) that will be the foundation of e-Navigation.  Since 2010, Esri and NOAA, under the auspices of the International… (Show more)
Is there a way to  autopopulate the address column in survey 123 when collecting a location based point data?
I am using ArcGIS for 2 years. but some of my friends use mapinfo . I am confused. any clear ideas about it.