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Hello,   I recently purchased the Navionics Platinum sea charts for Central and S-Florida. It includes the very detailed sonar charts. How can I import these bathymetric data into ArcGIS as *.shp files (contour lines, point features), or - less preferred - as raster data?   Thanks, Peter
Hi, is there a way to plot tidal movement in ArcMap? I am trying to plot how far larvae spawned into the water column from shipwreck site will get in a certain time.   I have two main sources of data for this the tidal atlas for the region and the tidal diamond on the admiralty chart and i am plotting them in manually by using Direction/Length in… (Show more)
hi,   I have to compare some bathy data from two different surveys (two different years) The old data have in the table of attributes : "bathy grid=0.3" and "Major" and "minor" contour. That is why we have asked to the Client to produce a shapefile which will have consistency with this.   The shapefile he has produced following the new survey… (Show more)