Advance Your Mapping Even More

Blog Post created by mzurn-esristaff Employee on Aug 15, 2017

Looking for more ways to advance your mapping in ArcGIS Online? Here's a bonus gallery for you. 


Layer types

Pick the Best Hosted Layer Type

Depict land change

Depict Change with Time-Enabled Apps


Get a Clearer View of the World


Map Viewer

Know More about Map Viewer

Match layer types to common workflows.

Use imagery and time animation to show land-use change.

Use World Imagery Clarity for a clear view of your world.

Get a quick overview of Join Features, Arcade, and smart mapping.


Get started with Story Maps

Get Started with Story Maps


Map Counts & Percentages

Heat map

Reveal spatial patterns


Learn Firefly Cartography

Create web apps that combine maps with multimedia and text.

Watch a deep-dive into mapping demographic patterns.

Create heat maps to make discoveries about your data.

See why maps glow with the Firefly basemap.



Produce Big Dams Story Map



Analyze Demographics


View Imagery Metadata

Esri Vector tile maps

Get creative with Esri vector tiles

Get details on creating the Big Dams journey story.

Locate children in poverty using smart mapping and demographic analysis.

View imagery metadata in the World Imagery basemap.

Learn how to use fonts and sprites to customize vector tile maps.