App with modified widgets and buffer tool.

05-17-2017 12:01 PM
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This application is posted here for information sharing and hopefully other geonet users find it useful to use.

It is developed based on the Jewelry theme. Its purpose is to provide:

  • an easy and quick way for users to add/remove maps by simply checking/unchecking.
  • obtain the buffer around a drawn point or line for up to 5 layers simultaneously.
  • save the session.

In a word, the intention is to create a simple application to use and easy to enhance.

This application uses some modified widgets posted by other users and a new widget, the “Buffer Selection”.

If you find any issues, please post them and I will try to address them, time permitting.

The application includes the following widgets:

GIS Library: A modified version of the AddLayer Widget . With a single click it makes a layer active. This modified version includes tab and sub-tabs to further classify your different types of layers to your customers. For the purpose of this demonstration, some public web map services are included. The names of the tabs can be defined in strings.js. Thanks to Robert Scheitlin, GISP  for resolving a glitch with the strings.

The layers which are posted on this widget are based on the config file of this widget.

"type": "Feature",
"url": "",
"name": "Native American Area",
"id": "Feature",
"subject": "Subject A",
"opacity": 0.6,
"visible": true,
"showLabels": true,
"autorefresh": 0,
"mode": "ondemand"

In the config file, every block of each layer, the “subject” field is necessary, so it defines the tab that the layer will be placed under.

The last tab is labelled “Actions”. This is a modified version of the SaveSession Widget .
The widget was modified to address some issues of restoring a saved session. This version of widget, it also saves in the session: the selected basemap and all drawn custom graphics including the buffer zone.

The Esri's Draw widget has been modified to allow the users to determine if any resources are within a user-defined buffer. When users draw a polyline or a point on the map, they can right-click on the drawn feature and initiate the buffer tool. (Watch the video at the end of this post).

The Buffer Selection Widget It allows to select up to 5 layers to perform the buffer task. User must also specify the buffer distance from the selected graphic. The results, if any, they will appear at the Attribute table and the buffer results for each layer will appear as"<layer name> Buffer" on the Attribute Table.

The Identify Widget Version 2.4 - 03/28/2017  is a modified version of Robert Scheitlin's widget. Only the layers which are active on the map are available for this widget. The config for this widget is not used.

The following widgets are included with no modifications: Popup Panel Widget Version 2.4 - 03/28/17  , Legend, Layer List and Basemap

A short youtube video is posted at GIS Library - YouTube  to outline this app functionalities. Sorry for the poor video quality.

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