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07-08-2019 08:57 AM
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I want to ask About GIS project.. Currently Im looking for the topic of project.. Im still bgner in GIS, I really like to do the Critical Habit for coral reef? I just dont get what the Data I needed in this project.. I hve read some artical or paper about this which most come from Remote Sensing. Im really need more explaination for this how to do this in GIS, Im still beginer here.

thank you

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I would suggest taking some GIS classes at a local university. You need to determine what you want to show in your project and then either go looking for the data or making it.

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Hello Rizwan,

I suggest signing up for a #MOOC on ArcGIS Pro, such as the #Cartography course, and also this Learn Lesson that uses the NOAA Coral Reef Database to teach GIS users how to create useful reports.

I think you will also find other interesting courses at