load TPK as a Basemap and cannot view non-overlapping RasterLayer

06-22-2021 12:33 PM
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uinsg Esri.ArcGISRuntime.UWP v100.10.0


When I:

1 load a TPK into a Basemap and use that Basemap in my Map that is bound to my Esri:MapView

2 load a RasterLayer and add to my Map.OperationalLayers

3 Set Viewpoint to be Full Extent of my Raster Layer.

IF my BaseMap and RasterLayer do not overlap with eachother, i cannot view my RasterLayer.

IF they do overlap, then i can view my RasterLayer.


Is there a way enable viewing of a Raster Layer that does not overlap with the current basemap?


code snippet:

TileCache cache = new TileCache(localFile.Path);
ArcGISTiledLayer layer = new ArcGISTiledLayer(cache);
await layer.LoadAsync();
Basemap basemap = new Basemap(layer);
basemap.Name = "local";
ViewModel.Map = new Map(basemap);
//where ViewModel.Map is Binded to my esri:MapView

//load raster and set viewpoint to view raster
Raster raster = new Raster(localFile.Path);
await raster.LoadAsync();
Viewpoint newViewPoint = new Viewpoint(rasterLayer.FullExtent);
await MyMapView.SetViewpointAsync(newViewPoint);


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