Introducing the Esri Support GitHub Repository

10-19-2015 02:56 AM
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We are proud to announce that Esri Support is now on GitHub!

Esri Support and GitHub

We recently released a Developer Support repository on GitHub that contains resources for troubleshooting, as well as proof of concept samples to support developers and those who are interested in development.

Most of us know that Esri is on GitHub. Many of our products live on GitHub, such as Esri Leaflet and the Resource Proxy. For those unacquainted with GitHub, it can be thought of as a social network for programming, which is an entirely open-source and collaborative environment. This is an amazing resource for developers to share applications, APIs, and code snippets. Anyone can download code from a repository by clicking Download ZIP or Clone in Desktop (with GitHub Desktop) in the right-hand pane. The best way to contribute is to set up a free account and install a Git client like GitHub Desktop or SourceTree.

Clone or Download a Repository

A repository is the most basic element of GitHub. Imagine a repository as a project's folder. A repository contains all of the project files, including documentation, and stores each file's version history. Like "repository", there are many terms you may not be familiar with in the context of GitHub. Here is a great glossary to get you started.

The magic of GitHub is that it is an open environment; it's open to developers, open to moonlighters, and even open to teenagers or adult learners who are looking for a new challenge. To promote this idea, GitHub created a free initiative to help people learn computer science. Esri's Developer Support repository is exactly the same, welcoming any and all to take a look around and download some sample code and apps.

Another magic of GitHub is crowdsourcing; anyone can collaborate on our projects. If you find a problem or would like the repository collaborators to be aware of something, please submit an issue. This is a great way to contribute without even signing up. There are many other Esri GitHub pages that members of Esri Support often reference. The most common resource we use is the Esri Resource Proxy. It is mainly used for accessing secured services, cross-domain resources, and large requests, such as printing. Esri also has repositories that host samples for our APIs and SDKs, even including the new AppStudio.

If you would like to know more about GitHub, best practices, tips and tricks, etc., we have a slew of resources available to help you on your way. Here are links to our repository official Readme and Contributing documentation. Contribute today and make our GitHub repository yours.
Brad S. & Noah S. - SDK Support Services