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Geoportal: UNC path settings ?

08-26-2022 12:38 PM
New Contributor III

I am testing importing metadata from UNC location. I tried both UNC path name and mapped drive name. Neither worked. I got the 'error reading data' data. 

I then copied the content of the UNC folder to C drive and import the metadata from C. There was no issues. So I know the metadata files are ok. 

Is there any reason why importing from UNC locations would not work? 

Thanks so much in advance.








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we resolved this on the other thread, right? there were no metadata xml files in the folder (see image 2)

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Sorry I pasted the wrong screenshot. Those xmls were tested using UNC local drive, i.e. C:\temp and they imported in Geoportal successfully . However, when I placed them on a network folder and referenced using the UNC path (i.e.\\xxxx\xxx\xx), nothing was imported. The network folder was readable by everyone. I also tested using the mapped drive, again nothing was imported. 

I didn't set filter in the UNC broker, so everything in the UNC folder should be imported. I checked harvester log and geoportal log ,there was no corresponding entries there.  The only error message was from harvester itself.


Any suggestions for troubleshooting? 







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Did your UNC folder include .xml files? The harvester will not actually harvest all files (like the .lyr files in the screenshot). It only gets .xml and some office documents (like pdf, word, etc)
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Yes, the UNC folder has .xml files, they are just .lyr.xml. Just for testing I renamed all .lyr.xml to .xml and ran the task again in harvester, nothing was imported. When I placed those .xml in a local folder on C drive, I was able to import those xml files. This is really odd. Are there any other logs I could look into other than geoportal and hrv logs?




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That is strange indeed. Temporarily (as it has the potential of creating a lot of messages), can you set logging to FINEST or ALL and then repeat the process, then collect the harvester log?
See harvester/WEB-INF/classes/
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I turned on FINEST but there was nothing coming from harvester when I ran the task. I have set up everything as http(Geoportal, Harvester and Elastic Search), not https. I wonder if that would make a difference. No worries if you are running out of ideas to try. We can solve this issue later. We will get in touch with you and with our ESRI rep soon. 


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