Import Asset package into running UN

11-20-2023 09:04 AM
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Is it possible to import and asset package or XML in an ArcGIS UN that running to update (adding or deleting features), also can it be imported into a specified child version?

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My understanding is that under the following conditions:

  1. Service stopped
  2. UN Topology Disabled
  3. And Asset Package that only "adds" schema elements (no updates or removals)

Then, you may be able to run Apply Asset Package against your current E-GDB (be aware of locks) and extend the schema of the E-GDB UN.

Now then, and based on this workflow, the schema is extended at the E-GDB level and a republish step might be necessary. And, consequently the schema extension is manifested at the DEFAULT version.

If others know of a way to do this differently and, as you are asking... if a schema could be applied to a particular version... I would also like to know.

NOTE: When I say above no schema updates I mean: do not change an Asset Type name (for instance) as many UN properties in your current branch versioned UN are dependent on the original AT name.

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Esri Frequent Contributor

We have released a tool that will transfer the data from an Asset Package to a UN(and a version).  It will only add data, it does not delete/update data.

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