(Implemented) Use PullData feature to populate select_one choices

04-23-2019 09:09 AM
Status: Implemented
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I've been using the pulldata feature to retrieve information from a csv based on a selection made in a select_one question.  When the choice is selected from the list, data is retrieved from the csv to auto populate other fields of the form.  This functionality is great, however, it requires that I copy the "ID" field to my choices list in the XLS file.  I think it would be a great idea if I could just pull out that "ID" field as my choice list.


As an addition to this idea, I noticed that there is now support for javascript in the PullData feature, but no support for asynchronous requests.  That would be a great feature to add on as well.  With that ability, we could have our choice lists update themselves from an internet resource, without having to republish the survey123 form.

Status changed to: In Product Plan

Please check our Survey123 Early Adopter Community website. We have documented two ways to satisfy this requirement:

  1. Define choices in a list from a feature layer query (dynamic lists)
  2. Define choices in a list from an ArcGIS item (linked content)

Please contribute your feedback through the Early Adopter Program so we can make these features available for all.


Hello @IsmaelChivite:

Are we certain on which future release, this feature, 'Use PullData feature to populate select_one choices', will be available?

Status changed to: Implemented

This has been implemented with Survey123 3.13.  Please refer to the Survey123 documentation: Search Appearance


@JamesTedrick or @IsmaelChivite is it possible to set the 'searchType' for a FeatureService search to 'within' the current map extent? And if so, how would I get that map extent from the map in my survey?

Thanks in advance