The Three King Day Update: January 6, 2016

01-05-2016 07:13 PM
Esri Regular Contributor
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In Latin America and Spain, every January 5th, all kids go to bed early. The reason? That night, three wise men will visit their homes and leave presents for them. It is a magical night! You can learn more about this tradition here.

It looks like we had to wait until this magical night to get our latest update to you. In fact, we pushed our updates early in December for review to Apple, but with the Christmas season it seems like the review process was slower than usual. Anyways, other than minor fixes, this is what our latest update includes:

  • Support for offline basemaps: With the latest version of Survey123 Connect and the field app, you can configure your forms to use your own Tile Packages (TPK files). In this manner, end-users of the Survey123 field app will be able to use the map while completely offline. You can create TPK files with your own data, ArcGIS Online basemaps or a combination of both.

Essentially, you first create the TPK file in ArcGIS for Desktop and share it in ArcGIS Online or your own Portal for ArcGIS. Then you reference the URL of this TPK file in your own Form and publish the Form.  Using the latest version of the Survey123 field app, you will be able to download the TPK locally and use the map while offline.

This geonet blog shows how you can create and use your own TPK files. The process at the moment is completely manual. With this update we just wanted to get the basics in place. Upcoming updates will simplify the process quite a bit.

  • Support for OAuth: This feature is key if you ever wanted to use Survey123 with your Enterprise logins.  Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS, the Web site and the Field app now use OAuth.  It is important to note that Survey123 support for OAuth is at the moment only available with ArcGIS Online.  The OAuth capabilities of Survey123 for ArcGIS will work against the upcoming 10.4 update of Portal for ArcGIS.  For Portal for ArcGIS instances prior to 10.4, Esri is planning to make available a small utility to enable Survey123 OAuth support.   This is expected in the next few weeks and we will use this blog to update on its availability.  In any event, if you want to keep using Survey123 for ArcGIS as usual, without OAuth, against your 10.3.1 Portal for ArcGIS, everything will continue working without change.

Look out for a documentation website going live in the next few weeks, and our next major update will be focused on survey loading performance.