Comet Halley Update (May 23, 2019)

05-23-2019 05:35 PM
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We do not seem to observe the stars as much as we used to, but it is fascinating to look up and think how much our life as a species has depended on a good understanding of the sky. We have dedicated this update to the comet Halley. Tomorrow, over 2,250 years ago, the first documented sighting of comet Halley was made by Chinese astronomers. It was sighted May 24, 240 B.C.  There are potentially earlier accounts from 467 B.C when Chinese and Greek astronomers logged the sighting of a comet, which could also have been comet Halley. We will go with the more certain date of May 24, 240 B.C and celebrate it along with this update of Survey123.

The passing of comet Halley has been very well documented since these initial accounts. Initially there was no evidence that all these sightings were of the same comet. The comet's periodicity was first determined in 1705 by English astronomer Edmond Halley, after whom it is now named. It visits us regularly every 75 years. It came last in 1983 and will return in July 2061.

This update is focused exclusively on the Survey123 website. Clear your browser cache!

Here is what is new:

Enhanced Integromat support

Integromat is an amazing online automation platform. With it you can easily automate tasks, visually connecting all sorts of apps together. We strongly believe that facilitating your work with platforms like Integromat can tremendously help you embed Survey123 within larger enterprise workflows, making sure your Survey123 data flows nicely into the way people work within your organization.

Many of you have been experimenting with Integromat and Survey123 since we first added support for webhooks in 2018. The uptake of webhooks with Survey123 has been pretty spectacular!  Some of the most common task automations we have seen include:

  • Automatically send an email or SMS when an inspection or incident report is submitted from Survey123.
  • Instantly add a new row into an Office 365 Excel spreadhseet when data is submitted from Survey123
  • Create a Workforce for ArcGIS assignment and a Google Calendar event when data is submitted from Survey123
  • Automatically reverse geocode the location a submitted survey and store the address in a GIS attribute of the submitted survey

We have worked closely with our friends at Integromat to add a new Survey123 Integromat module. This means that you can now bring your Survey123 data into Integromat much more easily and do much more with it than before. Jim Moore put together this brief but informative video to give you a quick overview of this new Survey123 Integromat module. Here it is:

In our blog post you will find a brief guide with resources to learn  the basics of working with Survey123 and Integromat.

For those of you already familiar with Survey123 and Integromat, you will find that this new module, lets you do some more advanced things you have been asking for.  For example:

  • Easily work with photo, signature and markup attachments. Include them as attachments in emails, upload them to Box, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive.
  • Automate report generation through the Survey123 Feature Report service. For example, for every survey submitted, automatically trigger a new  report using a custom template and then email or update that final report.
  • Trigger Integromat scenarios when Survey123 is used to update existing records*. Add a router in your Integromat scenario to do certain things if a record is submitted, and other things if the record has been updated.
  • Setup an Integromat scenario on top of ArcGIS Enterprise.

All of the above are covered in the blog post.

* Please note that the field app will not trigger web hooks on edit events until our upcoming 3.5 update.

Delete and update submitted records (Survey123 website)

You can now use the Data tab in the Survey123 website to delete and update submitted records. This comes very handy if you need to do some quick cleanup of test data during your survey design process, or to make adjustments to already submitted data to your survey.

This is how it works: First login to the Survey123 web site, select a record in the table shown in the Data tab and then use the Edit button in the panel on the right to enable editing on the individual response form. Make your changes and submit.  The following animation shows the key steps:

You can use the Edit and Delete options for both surveys created in Survey123 Designer as well as Survey123 Connect. However, if your surveys were created in Survey123 Connect, be aware that the Edit button will be disabled when working against a survey with a repeat.

Update submitted records from a Survey123 web form

You may be already aware that you can update existing records in your feature layers using the Survey123 field app. Starting with this update you can update existing records with Survey123 from your web browser too! This is possible by opening your web form with URL parameters.  The blog post introduces the concept of web form URL parameters. Now you can use URL parameters to edit existing records.

The syntax is fairly straight-forward:

  • Set the mode to edit: mode=edit
  • Pass the objectId of the record you want to update: objectId=13 for example.

For example:

Editing is not supported in web forms published prior to this update. If you want to edit records with surveys you published in the past you have two options:

    1) Dynamically upgrade your survey at run-time by adding the version=latest URL parameter

    2) Republish your survey to force a version upgrade at publishing time.

The key to all of this is to somehow dynamically construct the URL with the objectId of the record you want to update. In the Survey123 Tricks of the Trade: Editing records in a web form blog post this is all discussed in more detail.

Other enhancements and fixes

in the Survey123 website and Survey123 web app

  • Save Survey As... now works also against surveys that you do not own. 

This is very handy if you want to clone survey designs within your ArcGIS organization. Create a survey first using Survey123 Designer, then share the survey with someone else by granting access through the Viewer group sharing settings in the Collaborate page. Next, have that second person login into the Survey123 website and show 'Surveys I can view results for' in the survey gallery. The Save As option will be available on the survey tile menu to clone the survey. 

The Save As... option in the Survey123 website is only available for surveys authored in Survey123 Designer. If you want to clone a survey authored in Survey123 Connect, use the Save As... option in Survey123 Connect

  • You can now quickly switch between ArcGIS accounts in the Survey123 website without having to logout.

  • An option to optionally propagate selection filters between the Data and Analyze pages has been added.

Filter Options in Data Page

  • BUG-000113962 Unable to type certain Japanese character in the hints and explanations of headers in the Survey123 for ArcGIS Web Designer.
  • BUG-000120077 Unable to export data from Survey123 website when logged in as a member having 'User' Role and ‘Creator’ User Type.
  • BUG-000120887 When opening an existing Survey123 for ArcGIS form from ArcGIS Online using the 'Manage in Survey123 Website' option, the error message, "Your account () is not licensed for Survey123. Please ask your organization administrator to assign you a user type that includes Field/Essential Apps..." is returned.
  • BUG-000120055 Reports may fail to generate from a survey response that contains a repeat with many high resolution images.
  • BUG-000120222 Unable to generate a Survey123 for ArcGIS Report if there is an IFstatement containing a choice with an apostrophe.
  • BUG-000120851 Survey123 for ArcGIS web app displays the World Geocoding Service (WGS) on geopoint questions, despite removing WGS from the organization's Utility services.
  • ENH-000115658 Allow for the functionality to configure right to left labels and choices in Survey123 forms.
  • BUG-000113592 Questions label disappear from the survey when default language is changed from English to French or Spanish in a browser.
  • BUG-000112106 Survey123 for ArcGIS web app does not respect the language settings of date type questions in the browser.
  • BUG-000114761 Field Matching and string-length(.) constraints cause a green "It's an invalid answer." subtext to persist in Survey123 for ArcGIS web site under the questions that are constrained that does not disappear after fulfilling the constraints or leaving the fields blank.
  • BUG-000115247 Survey123 for ArcGIS web application does not respect the default language settings in the browser.
  • BUG-000117184 Submitting an Image through the Image Upload Question in Survey123 through the Web Designer in a Desktop Browser fails if the Survey was created with the Web Designer
  • BUG-000116320 The Survey123 for ArcGIS web app displays Image and Geopoint questions in English even if the web browser is set to another language in Internet Explorer.
  • BUG-000120426 Conditional calculations do not populate as expected for select_one questions in the Survey123 for ArcGIS web app.
  • BUG-000118413 Reverse geocoding results are different between Survey123 Connect and Survey123 web application.
  • BUG-000120387 Survey123 web app fails to record time when a time between 12PM and 1PM is selected
  • BUG-000121290 Loading a survey in a web browser with a Toolbar Background Color assigned causes the default color scheme to show momentarily before switching to the chosen color.
  • BUG-000120589 When editing surveys published in Connect the prompt to save changes on exit is not necessary if changes were published, does not work if changes were not published.

About the next update

As mentioned above, this update is exclusive to the Survey123 website. As usual we wanted to release both updates for the website and Survey123 field app together, but we decided to pull back on the Survey123 field app at this time. We are doing our best to bring some important fixes you have reported to the Survey123 field app soon. The current schedule is set for an update in 5 weeks (late June 2019). Our Survey123 for ArcGIS Early Adopter Program is making early beta builds of our next update available for testing.  The Survey123 website will also be updated in late June.

New Contributor II

Can users other than the owner of the Survey have rights to edit within Survey123 web app?

Esri Frequent Contributor

Hi Nicholas!  It really depends on the permissions set in the underlying feature layer (or feature layer view) of your survey. The owner of the layer can set editing permissions.

If working with hosted feature layers: Manage hosted feature layers—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS 

If working with feature services in Enterprise: Editor permissions for feature services—Documentation | ArcGIS Enterprise 

More information on how to configure the Survey123 web app to edit records here: 

New Contributor II

Hi Ismael! Thanks for the information.

As far as I know the user of this survey has edit privileges, but the Survey123 data page still will not allow the user to edit the data. What am I missing?

My user (owner) can edit.

User Reno cannot edit.

User Reno is in Public Works group. The layer is hosted.

Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Nicholas,

The editing workflow by non-owner users on the Data page of the website has been enhanced in the upcoming 3.5 release, where you can directly control what submitters can do (Add only, Add and update, or Add, update and delete) in the website UI. As long as the user can view the Data page (as a viewer) and also have the appropriate privilege (as a submitter, Add and update at least), he should be able to update the data in the website UI.

Does this make sense to your workflow?

Occasional Contributor III

Hi Zhifang,

I have set the permissions for my submitters so that they can add, update and delete, however when one of my users logged in to the Survey123 website yesterday, selected a record he created and tried to delete it, it was not an option. Could this be due to the fact that the survey was published from Connect well before 3.5?

Also some more information that might be helpful - the survey contains multiple repeats, and is shared to a group that contains members from another Organizational account. The user who tried to do this edit belongs to that other account.



Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Erica,

Thank you for the feedback and information.

Currently, the editing capability in the Data tab of the website has the following limitations:

  1. Editing is supported for surveys both from the web designer and Survey123 Connect, but only for surveys without any repeat. If the survey has a repeat, you should see the message "Editing existing records is not supported for surveys which contain repeat."
  2. As a non-owner user, you cannot edit/delete records submitted by other users.

As long as the member is in the appropriate group, the workflow should work as expected no matter he/she is inside or outside the org.

We had an issue in our backlog to support editing for a survey contains simple repeat (not nested repeat) and I've added your voice to that issue.

For the second limitation, we currently don't have the plan to expand the capability to allow non-owner users to edit/delete others' records. Instead, would another new role "Editor" (like the current Submitter and Viewer) which can completely add/edit/delete all records in the survey makes sense to you? This is something we discussed in the development team but would like to hear more feedback before moving forward.



Occasional Contributor III

Hi Zhifang,

Thanks for the information. Since I am the survey owner, is that why I can edit/delete any records in the survey regardless of a repeat?

I think a new role 'Editor' would make sense. As a follow-up question - I have a survey with a simple repeat that is public and can be complete by either an anonymous user, or a user logged into their AGOL account, but I then need someone (my Workforce Dispatcher) to edit one field (that was not populated as part of the survey) in the resulting feature layer (using the Edit web app) as assignments are made in Workforce based on submitted surveys. Will my Dispatcher be able to use the Edit application to change fields in the feature layer? Is it only through the Survey123 website where the limitations above come into play?



Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Erica,

On Survey123 website, yes, the survey owner can edit/delete any records. 

"I then need someone (my Workforce Dispatcher) to edit one field (that was not populated as part of the survey) in the resulting feature layer" - Does this mean your survey was created from existing feature layer and the field you want the dispatcher to edit is not in the design of the survey?

If this is the case, for the Data page of Survey123 website:

  • As a survey owner, you can edit the field (which is not in the survey) in the feature table directly by double-clicking the cell.
  • You cannot edit the field in the individual response view since the survey web app will not contain the field.
  • Workforce Dispatcher cannot edit the field anyway, since editing through the feature table is only available to survey owner. Through the individual response, they can only edit records belong to themselves since they are not the survey owner or the future Editor role.

If you want Workforce Dispatcher to edit the field outside Survey123 website, it's possible as long as appropriate Editing settings are applied to which feature layer (view) you use in the edit application (not sure which application you refer to?). For example, if "Editors can edit all features" is set to "What features can editors edit?" and "Add, update, and delete features" is set to "What kind of editing is allowed?", dispatchers will be able to edit the field for any records.