Allow Inheritance of Style from Feature Service in Map Tour

02-23-2024 01:37 PM
Status: Open
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When creating a Map Tour from an existing data source (i.e., Start with a feature service), it would be nice to have the option for the tour's map to use the existing style of the hosted feature layer. 

For example, you might be building a Map Tour of points of interest of different types in a park or at a field site, and you've styled the layer to use different symbols for different types of POIs. You want to have those symbols used in the Map Tour, rather than the default pins, as they help easily convey information about the POI.

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Another potential use case for this kind of functionality, using a feature service for your Map Tour that has as its symbology "an arrow or cone that pointed in the direction that the photo was taken" (from Idea, Map Tours Points.)