Location-Allocation Based on Tiers (cutoff_miles)

04-15-2024 07:48 AM
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Hello Everyone,

I have the following scenario:

The company I work for has several warehouses. We offer a 4HR delivery service, however, we know that each region has a different infrastructure and therefore, it is not possible to cover the same distance within 4HR. I have managed to determine the possible distance to be covered for each warehouse. Some cover 80, others 100, and others 120 miles.

However, I need to make this logic work using the Location Allocation strategy (Problem type: Maximize Coverage and Minimize Facilities).

The idea is to check, based on the possible distance, how many warehouses I should use to serve a particular network of customers.

I managed to do this through the Closest Facility strategy, inputting the mileage limit in the "Cutoff_Miles" column within the attribute table, but this column does not exist for "Facilities" within the Location Allocation strategy.

Could you help with this point?

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Just curious, but for the Make Location-Allocation Analysis Layer, doesn't specifying a Travel Mode that uses  time (minutes) instead of distance work for you?  You'd specify a cutoff of 240 minutes for the Cutoff and each facility would cover the 4 hour distance, whether it be 80/100/120 miles.



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We generally use distance as a cutoff, because the distance from one point to another will remain the same, however, if we consider time, it will vary according to the traffic, natural disasters, etc.

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