Creating map failed error Chrome browse only

04-16-2024 10:27 AM
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For reference only, not the solution to this iteration though:

On a single Dell laptop with Win10 or 11?, with Chrome as default browser but Edge available, this error occurs on Chrome ...but not in Edge.

What would be the approach to diagnosing this on a single PC when the issue is with Chrome only?


(With the Splash screen rendering without issue on app startup, clear and continue...) App frame renders but the map (widget) will not render, and none of the several various widget buttons and Search dialog will render. In the order of operations that an Experience app must render components, does this give any clue as to where the process breaks and where to look to resolve?





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Considering that the issue is confined to a single computer and browser, the issue is most likely in the browser settings on that computer.

I was able to open your Experience in both Chrome and Edge.

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We have members of the public experiencing a similar issue with our newly launch Experience Builder web application PublicGIS ( We are unable to replication the issue internally and are finding it hard to identify a solution without access to the computers. I would love to hear if you found a solution. 

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