What's new for the Business Analyst Widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder | February 2024

03-01-2024 04:31 PM
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The February 2024 update of the Business Analyst Widget in Experience Builder includes the following new features:

1. Data source selection

This option allows you to select a specific data source/vintage for countries/regions that provide multiple data sources. The available infographics and geographies will depend on the selected data source. For example, there are 3 data vintages available in United States, and countries like Australia and France provide 2 data sources. Learn more about data sources.

Data sourceData source

2. A placeholder instruction in the Preset mode

This option allows you to add custom instructions for users at run time to view infographics. This is helpful in you don't want to setup a default location and want the user to take action on the map or other supported widgets before they can view the infographic. 

Preset introduction textPreset introduction text

3. Toggle to add/remove search bar from map

When selecting a map widget from the Business Analyst widget configuration, a custom search bar is added to the map. This toggle allows you to remove/add this search bar from the map widget. For example, if you are configuring the Business Analyst widget in Preset mode and don't want your users to search for a location, you can toggle it off. 

Search bar toggleSearch bar toggle

4. Set default infographic in Workflow mode

This option allows you to set a default infographic when configuring the Business Analyst widget in Workflow mode. The selected default infographic will be automatically selected during run time and users can simply run it without the additional step to select it from the infographic list. 

Set default infographicSet default infographic

5. Incremental buttons for buffers

When customizing the buffers step of the Workflow mode, you can enable incremental buttons for the buffer entry boxes. 

Increment buttonsIncrement buttons

6. Additional enhancements

  • Support for web maps with projections other than Web Mercator. 
  • Auto-resize the infographic list in Workflow mode based on the numbers of infographic templates selected. 


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Do you have to have a license for this?

Does it work with the Community Analyst license?

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@NaomiBegg As mentioned in the help documentation, you will need Community Analyst if you need to create custom infographics and those templates will be available for use in the Business Analyst widget (ExB). No additional license is required to use the ready-to-use Esri Infographics or the custom infographics created by someone in your organization. Please refer to the help documentation for detailed information.

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