What’s New in AppStudio for ArcGIS 3.2 (December 2018)

12-17-2018 12:13 PM
by Anonymous User
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We are excited to announce that AppStudio for ArcGIS version 3.2 is now available to download! This release rolls out many exciting new features, as well as improvements to help drive your overall development productivity. Read this ArcGIS Blog to learn what’s new in AppStudio 3.2.  


Bug Fixes:



 The AppStudio Player wizard installer has inconsistencies in the translation to German 


 Request to clarify the document "License AppStudio Standard"


 When clicking the Landing Page button at appstudio.arcgis.com, an error is thrown: "Unable to complete operation"


 Overlapping translated text


 Finished download window contains a white square (AppStudio)


 Tooltip missing


 Localization: AppStudio Player About page not localized


 The following error, "Fatal Error C1060: Compiler is out of heap space" occurs when using the Cloud Make tool for Windows   (x64).


 Upload tooltip is not localized (AppStudio)


 AppStudio UI: unlocalized button


 MOR_I18N: AppPlayer - Search and Download strings contain incorrect character "%1"


 MOR_I18N_STR: Show/Hide Details buttons are not translated


 MOR_I18N_STR: App download prompt is not translated


 MOR_I18N_STR: AppStudio Player: Untranslated dialogs when downloading App


 Unable to install AppStudio for ArcGIS when the installation path contains '\con'. Error: The installation path must not contain   '\con', please specify a valid folder.


 Add support for Enterprise SSO to AppStudio for ArcGIS app with ArcGIS Online or Portal Single Sign On


 AppStudio for ArcGIS Player - iOS: "No matches for <search item>" string is not localized


 Hyperlink for 'tel' and 'mailto' in Story Map Tour does not work in AppStudio for ArcGIS.


 An ArcGIS Online named user is required to access AppStudio for ArcGIS downloads. This may prevent users from getting   AppStudio for ArcGIS in organizations only utilizing Portal for ArcGIS.


 The Cancel button is not translated in the AppStudio for ArcGIS app.


 The overview of the application in AppStudio for ArcGIS is not translated to German on a German operating system.


 The Quick Report template in AppStudio for ArcGIS (Desktop Edition) is unable to add video attachments in Android devices.


 The default values of the coded domain in the hosted features service is not submitted using Quick Reporter template of the   AppStudio Dev Edition Desktop Version 2.1.19


 Customer would like to make us aware that AppStudio application DLLs do not support several security mechanisms.


 MOR_LOC_ALL: Untranslated "Content" tab in Settings of AppStudio for ArcGIS Desktop.


 MOR_LOC_HE: Incorrectly placed parenthesis bracket in AppStudio Make tool of AppStudio for ArcGIS Desktop on Hebrew   Mac OSX.