What's new in AppStudio Desktop 3.1

09-24-2018 11:54 AM
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AppStudio for ArcGIS Desktop Edition provides feature-rich development tools to allow you to further configure templates, edit source code, test, distribute, and build your custom mobile or desktop apps easily and quickly. We are excited to share some of the new features and enhancements that are added to this release with you.
Upgrade ArcGIS Runtime to version 100.3
The ArcGIS Runtime API powers the mapping capabilities of AppStudio apps. With this release, we’ve upgraded ArcGIS Runtime libraries to version 100.3, which means all of the new features, enhancements, and bug fixes added to ArcGIS Runtime 100.3 are available in AppStudio 3.1, such as displaying web scenes from ArcGIS  or ArcGIS Enterprise and enhancements to scene analysis and Web Mapping Services (WMS).  
Upgrade Qt Framework to version 5.11.1 
Behind the scenes, the underlying Qt framework has been upgraded from 5.10.0 to 5.11.1, which enables you to take advantage of new functionalities, enhancements, and critical bug fixes received in Qt 5.11 and 5.11.1
Enhancements to UI
We have made a few small UI tweaks to AppStudio Desktop in this release, such as a New App button moving down to the main gallery area, and the header and side panel border width increasing. These UI updates were based on Esri’s Calcite style standard and were made to keep visual consistency across Esri’s products.  
                                                                                AppStudio Desktop UI
AppStudio Desktop’s Settings tool has also received a UI/UX revamp.  It's now easier than ever to use the Settings tool to navigate and find all the options and settings organized into sections.  Also as part of the redesign, the previous contents of the Advanced Settings dialog are now integrated into the Licensing, Platforms & Advanced sections.
    AppStudio Desktop Settings Tool Dialog
                                                                AppStudio Desktop Settings Tool Dialog
Enhancements to Make tool  
The Google Play Store recently changed requirements for new apps, which must target at least Android 8.0 (API level 26) to publish. AppStudio, as a cross-platform development tool, is always aware of store submission requirements for all platforms and has been taking care of this for you. We’ve updated our cloud Make servers to target Android API level 26 by default for Android apps in this release. Please check out this blog post for more details.    
New UI to specify app’s short name 
Your app’s title that appears under the icon on the Home screen of iOS and Android devices can now be specified, with newly introduced UI in the Settings tool’s Advanced section. This can be used to avoid a longer app title being truncated.
                                          AppStudio Desktop > Settings Tool > Advanced Dialog
New UI to enable background external accessories for iOS devices 
AppStudio 3.0 added support for the high accuracy GPS receivers, and introduced support for a new property, capabilities.ios.backgroundExternalAccessory, in the appinfo.json file. In this release, we have added a corresponding UI in the Settings tool Platform > iOS settings to easily help you enable or disable external accessories running in the background.    
                                               AppStudio Desktop > Settings Tool > Platforms > iOS Dialog
New UI to configure Windows rendering engine 
AppStudio 3.1 now supports OpenGL and ANGLE for Windows.  While adding support for two different graphics rendering engines, we’ve also introduced a new UI in the Settings tool > Platform > Windows section to allow you to choose your desired graphics rendering engine. 
                                AppStudio Desktop > Settings Tool > Platforms > Windows Dialog
New samples 
 We have included new samples to show newly introduced components and plugins to AppSudio AppFramework: Email Composer, Cryptographic Hash, and Browser View.  
                                                        Email Composer sample running in AppStudio Player
Other enhancements: 
•        New languages added: Hungarian (hu) and Catalan (ca)
•        The minimum Android version has been updated from 16 to 19
•        Gradle is now used instead of Ant for building Android apps 
•        Improved background location capture performance for Android
Bug Fixes: 


App download prompt in AppStudio is now getting translated


Cloud Make failing with error "Fatal Error C1060: Compiler is out of heap space" on Windows (x64) when submitting built request for a large app has been fixed.


Misaligned strings in AppMake Summary window of AppStudio for ArcGIS Desktop on Hebrew in Mac OSX has been fixed.


Incorrectly placed parenthesis bracket in AppStudio Make tool of AppStudio for ArcGIS Desktop on Hebrew in Mac OSX has been fixed.


"Content" tab in Settings of AppStudio for ArcGIS Desktop now gets translated.


Security vulnerabilities with custom URL schemes in an iOS app developed with AppStudio for ArcGIS have been resolved.


Security vulnerability regarding system information leak with an Android application built with AppStudio for ArcGIS has been resolved.


The 'Hide Details' and 'Show Details' buttons are now getting translated in  AppStudio for ArcGIS installer.


The Cancel button is now getting translated in the AppStudio for ArcGIS app.


The overview of the application in AppStudio for ArcGIS is now getting translated to German on a German operating system.


You can download the latest AppStudio Desktop from our website and we hope you enjoy the new features and enhancements added in this release!
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New Contributor III

Thanks for the UPDATE to AppStudio,  We have successfully pushed an updated application through the Apple and Google PLAY store (both accepted) BUT the android version of our app won't load the map.    Just wondered if this issue has been identified by other users.   The app was built in the cloud earlier this week and after 3.1 appeared within the appstudio download page (last friday, sept 21st).

Thanks very much!

Esri Regular Contributor

Hello Brian, 

We are not aware of other users who are experiencing the same issue you reported. 

Is it possible if you try running the same app in the latest version of AppStudio Player (3.1) or in the AppRun in AppStudio Desktop (3.1), to see if we can reproduce the same error or it is only in the "build" app in Android? 

Thank you,


New Contributor III

Thanks Erwin,

We ARE ABLE to run/use the 3.1 AppStudio application within an Android Tablet IF we use the latest AppStudio Player.