The reverse ordering option in the symbology options reverses the legend colors, but not the map colors.

06-10-2020 08:47 AM
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The light colored area of this map are water and the darker colored areas are land. However in the legend, the colors are reversed. Something is clearly broken. I am using the most updated version of ArcGIS pro as of 6/10/2020.

This question has also been asked here: 

But there has not been a response.

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Diana - I click the hyperlink to the other thread and this is what I replied to the other use:

"Roland - as you mentioned and I'm seeing this on the internals is that BUG-000128246 was fixed at AGP 2.5.1 but it is interesting that you're still seeing the issue.

The workaround is the following - Right-click the Upper Value column and choose to Reverse Order twice to reflect the changes in the Contents pane."

I'm also cc'ing Kory Kramer‌ to get some additional eyes on this GeoNet thread."

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