Deep Learning dlpk-Problem - Failed to get properties

01-22-2021 12:14 AM
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Hello Community,

I've got some Problems with running the Deep Learning Tools in ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Enterprise.

With the Tool "Label Objects for Deep Learning" I exported the Training Data. My Image Format is "TIFF" and the Meta Data Format is "PASCAL VOC". With the Meta Data Format "KITTI Labels" i got an error when i used the Tool "Train Deep Learning Modell", but with the "PASCAL VOC" it worked.

After trained my Model I got amongst other things the ".dlpk"-File as an output.
When i tried to run the Deep Learning Tools in ARGIS PRO the Programm shut down before i can see the Tools Dialog. So i tried it in ArcGIS Enterprise: Uploaded my ".dlpk" into the Portal, open the Tool, choose my uloaded ".dlpk", got an Error: "Failed to query model arguments."
So it wanted to check the ".dlpk". Opened the Properties with right click in ArcGIS Pro, getting an other Error: "Failed to get Properties"

Does anyone have a solution for this Problem?

Best Regards and thanks for help.


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When you saved model it would have also ceated an .emd file can you use that in ArcGIS Pro. If you see any error message please paste a screenshot so that it can be investigated.



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