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03-08-2012 10:51 AM
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Add the ability when enabling attachments on feature classes, I have the option to store just a link to files in the attachments table.  I would much rather store Photos, Documents, and other files related to a feature in a place on a shared drive so anyone and any application can easily get to them without ArcGIS.   I don't want to store blobs for photos and documents in our database.  Storing blobs in SDE means any other application we write that needs to see those attachments will have to tack on some ArcObjects code to pull out the file.

This would be similar to the difference between managed and unmanaged raster catalogs.
Great idea...I would like to see this functionality added to the MXD as well as feature classes.  I want to save links to Word docs, pdfs, Excel sheets, Autocad dwg's, images/photos etc. but dont see a way to do it now.  Please add this to the MXD too!  Or am I missing something???
A lot of our users would prefer to store just a link to a folder.  That way they don't have to micromanage all the attachments on each feature if there are alot of related documents.  This works only if a group happens to have related data already organized with one folder setup for every feature...but if you give people the option they can decide which way is best for their organization
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