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Check License Required to Run Model

02-12-2013 07:58 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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New Contributor II

I have built models that only work in ArcInfo (Advanced), only to later discover that the model's users have an ArcView (Basic) license. It would be great to have a tool/script/diagnostic that would list the tools used in the model and their associated version of ArcGIS that is required to run them.

The table that has been developed to show available features is great, but manually checking this can be rather cumbersome.

Interesting idea. As of now, I think the "workaround" for such cases is to publish the model as a geoprocessing service through the ArcGIS Server - it that case anyone would be able to utilize it despite the license level they are at (it obviously does require ArcGIS Server license and associated infrastructure)
What would be even better is if the model could self check and explicitly state the minimum license level a model can be executed under. Some sort of icon\text that pops in the help panel?

Models in ArcMap and ArcPro can produce a "report" which I personally never use. Would be interesting to know who else uses them regularly?

That said, this may be the place to report such useful license information. Maybe a new section stating minimum license level and\or each tool is tagged with the license level information.

Placing this information in the report would certainly point me into this under utilised part of model builder.


Thanks for sharing your idea Duncan Hornby! We will add the license information to the report.