Disable option to download ArcGIS Pro through ArcGIS Online

04-16-2020 05:56 AM
Status: Implemented
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Since the March 2020 release of ArcGIS Online for Organizations users that have a ArcGIS Pro license can download ArcGIS Pro from ArcGIS Online. 

ArcGIS Pro is provided to the users in our company centrally. It is scripted and pushed to the user. In this way all our users use the same version of ArcGIS Pro increasing interoperability of files. The IT department determines together with the user-group if a newer version should be released. This version is then pushed to all existing users. Removing software is also handled centrally.

Providing users the options to download a potentially newer version from ArcGIS Online will result in some users in our company to be “out of step” with their Pro version. Centrally controlled roll-outs of newer versions will possibly malfunction for the users that already updated their software. Furthermore, we cannot provide the ArcGIS Pro support we want for users that have a different version than the company-standard.


Please provide the option to switch off this download function in the organization settings. 

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by Anonymous User

This feature was implemented in June 2020.