Color of Raster Layers

04-19-2020 07:33 PM
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Even if I change the color of the tif file, it will always be black when I convert it to mmpk.

Can't I change the color? Black color is so so.

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Yes, this is true.  Raster layer symbology, drawing properties, are not supported in the Mobile Package.   You could create a Map Tile Package of your TIF, or export a new version of it with the desired colors ' burned into' the raster file.

This is something that we have on our list to support in the future.  Really appreciate your feedback on this, it is the requests of the User Community that helps us prioritize the the work that we do.

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Thank you for your reply~~~~

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Mark, we would very much like to see Arc Explorer enable raster symbology, too. Also, it would be very nice to enable Identify on raster layers, so that the user can click on an elevation raster have the elevation value returned.