Enterprise Sites - Embedded Dashboard Requiring Additional Login

11-18-2021 07:07 PM
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Hi there,

We have been trying out building a Site for our Enterprise users. However, we have recently noticed a small issue. After logging in the view the site, all embedded dashboards are blank with an additional login prompt popup in their place.

All the user needs to do is press OK and after a brief window popup opening (which I assume is verifying that the user is already logged in), the dashboard will function as normal. Therefore they do not need to actually go through the entire login process again. After clicking OK, the user can refresh and see all other embedded content (or embedded content on other Pages), without having to press OK on all other popups. However, this will be frustrating for our users and takes away from the website 'look' of the Site. 

I have included a screenshot of the login prompt that appears in place of our dashboards. This is occurring on Microsoft Edge and Chrome. Has anyone else experienced this sort of issue, and found a solution? 

This seems similar to the following post, however I cannot see a solution here and without a screenshot I cannot tell if the issue is the exact same: https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-enterprise-questions/embedded-dashboard-in-enterprise-site-requ... 


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Hello Mackenzie,

There are couple questions I have...

First, how is your AGOL account authenticating the user?  

Second, would there be an alternate option to share the data publicly?

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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Hey ABishop,

Thanks for your reply! Since my post we have gone for a different approach and won't be embedding the applications for now. In the future (when the Site is made live) we will look into alternative solutions for authenticating the users. Thank you!