Couple issues on service with joined table

10-26-2016 07:02 AM
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I have a couple problems with a service containing a layer with a joined table. The feature class is stored in a SDE database, the join table is in a SQL non-geodatabase within the same SQL Server instance.
SQL Server 2012
ArcGIS Desktop and Server 10.3.1

1. Using the REST interface, queries using fields in the joined SQL table returns 0 features. The query executes without error and returns the layer metadata.
Queries on feature class fields will successfully return features, as will queries on the unjoined SQL table.
How can I query the feature class on the joined fields?

2. Labels will not display feature class fields but will display joined table fields.
A label expression containing fields from both the feature class and table will act as if the feature class field contains an empty string string.
Why do the labels on a joined layer only display data from joined fields?


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