Weather Widget Version 1.2.0 - 1/24/2018

09-14-2017 03:04 PM
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Weather Widget Version 1.2.0 - 1/24/2018

The purpose of this widget is to provide the user with access to local weather information and forecasts. The widget accomplishes this by accessing the user's location, allowing the user to manually enter Lat/Long coordinates, and by loading a forecast based on where on the map was clicked. It then loads the weather forecast (from the NWS) based on that location via an IFrame. 


What's new in version 1.2: A big Thank You to William Pelchat‌ for his work on adding the new functionality!

  • In this version, users can now manually enter Latitude and Longitude Coordinates to to load a new forecast from the NWS.
  • Users can also click anywhere on the map (in the US) and get a forecast for that location.
  • The symbol on the map has been updated, and now works in WAB DE.


This widget was created and updated with WAB DE 2.5. I have also tested it in WAB DE v2.16. Currently, there are some styling issues with the Dashboard theme. I will work on these issues and hopefully have them resolved in the next widget version. 

Here is an example image:

Thank you,


NOTE: Link to William Pelchat‌'s original edits: 

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Great idea for a widget - unfortunately I'm behind a firewall and proxied to/from a different part of the US - any chance of adding a 'click here/get weather' function? Thanks 


That is a good idea. I will look at adding something like that in the next version. 

Thanks for the feedback!


Chris, thank you for this widget I love it! Great idea!

I also wanted to be able to get weather from a location/coordinate, I modified my copy of your widget and figured I would share that with you in case it would be of use to you in the future.

(css, manifest, nls, widget.html, widget.js, and css images for button)

Hi guys! 

Tested in WAB DE version 2.16 and no issues! Just a small news update!

Stay Healthy!


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