Survey downloads - maybe creating 'CSV Collections' files?

11-26-2023 03:03 PM
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Hi all - I have a script that runs 24/7 downloading a number of survey CSV files (or photos attached to surveys).  It's been going fine ... excluding sporadic network errors, or conflicts with Veeam backups of the server.

We've noticed a large number of CSV Collections in the ArcGIS online content.  Filenames are not ours - just random itemID numbers.  Downloading these files gives a 'zip' which isn't a valid zip file, but only one record.  Opening with Notepad++ shows three itemIDs: I can chase these down in ArcGIS online.  The 'exportitemID' is a link to the original CSV collection.  There's a 'serviceitemID' - which ties to a feature layer of a survey that has a name similar to one I'm downloading .. but the itemID is different.  The final itemID is the 'title' of this item.  

Are these files being created by my script?  If so - any way to stop them being created?   


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I download a lot of content and don't have this problem.

Can you share your script?

What do you mean by survey CSV file? Do you mean a data export as CSV or specifically a media CSV file uploaded for use by/with Survey123? e.g. pulldata

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Thanks for getting back to me magisian.  Relevant parts of the script are attached (there's a lot in the whole thing, so I've just snipped a few relevant lines).  

I did find this page interesting ...

Export survey data with attachments | ArcGIS Survey123

as it refers to a 'keep_org_item' aspect.  But - that reference is for an 'export' call.  I'm doing a 'download' - which returned a string, not an ID.  

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